About us

About us

Drake Dill - Your Host

The Dill Family welcomes you to Thunderhook Fly-Ins; located next to Ontario's magnificent Wabakimi Provincial Park. Our goal is pretty simple at Thunderhook; we want to provide you with a high quality fly-in fishing trip at an affordable rate. Each year we provide great accommodations, equipment, and service to our fisherman and hunters alike. It is quite normal for up to 80 percent of our guests to be repeat clientele. As we like to say "We don't advertise our service all that often, our customers do!"

Remembering David Dill

Debbie Alexander - Smoothrock Camp Manager

Meet Debbie Alexander, the Smoothrock Camp Manager. Debbie, a long time resort manager began her tenure at the camp some 15 years ago, but has managed several other resorts prior. Debbie and her German Sheppard "Wally" (the Smoothrock Camp dog) will meet you at the dock, and make sure your stay is the best one yet. Don't forget to visit with Debbie before and after fishing, she will usually have hot coffee, a dessert, and maybe a "hot" fishing spot or two!

As seen on TV....

Turbine Otter Departure

Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound

Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound Ron Schara and his crew visited Thunderhook in Summer 2010 to film a story about our business. While filming one evening a big bull moose walked right through the middle of the Smoothrock Camp in broad daylight and they even got it on film! The moose was truly magnificant and it made for a great piece in Ron's show. The show still plays throughout the U.S.A or can be viewed in our video gallery

Turbine Otter Departure

Butch Furtman's Sportsman's Notebook

A regular guest at Thunderhook Fly-Ins is Butch Furtman of Minnesota. Butch is a true fishing legend and between his experience and enthusiasm for all types of fishing, he is one of the very best in the business. Butch has been filming his popular television program The Sportsman's Notebook for decades. Be sure to visit with Butch at one of the sportshows as he is often in the booth with us. Butch comes back every summer for another round of fantastic Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Brook Trout Angling in the wilderness.

Turbine Otter Departure

Midwest Outdoors Magazine

The Midwest Outdoors Show was in Armstrong last summer (2011) to film for us. Bob Gurskis and his cameraman filmed a segment for Thunderhook Fly-Ins and the Smoothrock Camp. Our TV ads play regularly as well as the segments on various stations across the Midwest. We are looking forward to seeing the crew again next summer.

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