Pro Staff

Pro Staff

Greg Alexander - Thunder Bay, ON

Greg has made Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park his summer home since the late 1990s, exploring and guiding these majestic bodies of water and compiling a vast amount of fishing knowledge. Since 2012, Greg has not only helped in the daily activities here at the camp, but he has also been one of our clients’ favorite guides, sharing his knowledge and fishing techniques in order to ensure you have a wonderful experience here at Smoothrock Camp.

Born in Northwestern Ontario, Greg has a lifetime of experience in fishing that was passed down from generations through his father and uncles, who were very active in the fishing industry. A strong advocate for conservation, he loves to do his part in preserving this wonderful natural resource for future generations and enjoys teaching people about the history of the area.

Greg is happy to take experienced fisherman out for a day of discovery to help navigate the 24,000 acres of bays and channels that make up Smoothrock Lake. For the novice angler or those bringing family members for their 1st experience fishing in Canada, Greg’s knowledge and patience will ensure your vacation is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Greg believes in catch and release to preserve the fishery, but loves to keep a few “eaters” to prepare a great shore lunch. There is nothing better than a feast of freshly caught walleyes on one of the many picturesque shore lunch sites on Smoothrock Lake.

Greg’s biggest thrill comes from watching his guests catch fish for the first time, especially the kids. Greg enjoys teaching and working with kids and has been a volunteer hockey coach for the Thunder Bay youth hockey program for 26 years.

Many of our guests have become friends, some almost like family. Greg has a passion for the lake and area and loves to share that with his guests. Whether you’re a new or a longtime guest, young or young at heart, Greg wants to help make your Canadian Fly-in Fishing experience a trip of a lifetime.

Al Heidebrink - Northfield, MN

The Thunderhook Fly-Ins Pro Staff has become a big part of our team. Each year the pro staff members work to recruit new people  who have never been fishing in Canada or those that are looking for a new spot to try. The pro staff members also write fishing related articles about their experiences in Canada, attend sportshows, and update company blog postings.

Al Heidebrink has had a distinguished career in the outdoors to say the very least. As a lifelong sportsman, Al pursued his outdoors dreams at a very young age. Starting his career in 1975 as a Minnesota Conservation Officer he spent most of his time in Grand Marais, Ely, and other parts of Northeastern Minnesota. This area is home to the famed Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Al became the most familiar with the moose herd, enforcement and orientation programs in this area.

In 1992, Al received the Minnesota Conservation Officer of the Year Award, Minnesota State Peace Offi cer Distinguished Service Award, the Shikar Safari Club International Minne sota Wildlife Officer of the Year Award , and Minnesota Safari Club International Officer of the Year. In 2003, Al was promoted to 2LT and became the Southern Minnesota Reg ional Training Officer. In the year 2004 Al received yet another promotion. He was promoted to Major and became the Minnesota DNR ’s Law Enforcement Operations Manager where he was involved in supervising, management, policy, and budget issues for the Enforcement Division. On top of that he was also selected as Minnesota’s representative for the Mississ ippi Flyway Council Law Enforcement Officers. What a career!

Al became involved with Thunderhook in 2008 after retiring from his law enforcement career. Shortly after becoming involved with Thunderhook he became a pro - staff member and immediately began attending sportshows, SCI events, Game Fair, and other events. Al also gives moose hunting seminars around the country, as he is an excellent moose hunting resource. Many of you have gotten to know Al over the years or met him while travelling from city to city. Al currently lives in Northfield, MN with his wife Gail. When not in Canada fishing and hunting Al can be found ... well as you guessed ... fishing and hunting!

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