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Ontario Fly-In Fishing

Welcome to Thunderhook Fly-Ins, your gateway to the Wabakimi Provincial Park and great Ontario Fly-In Fishing. Here at Thunderhook our goal remains simple; to provide our customers with the best possible wilderness fly-in fishing experience. Having been in business for decades, Thunderhook has become the standard for your Ontario Fishing vacation.

A great Ontario fly-in fishing trip begins with a good foundation. We provide everything you need to have a great fly-in fishing trip, whether it be with our instructional videos that outline packing and trip preparation, or the personalized friendly service of our experienced staff, Thunderhook truly offers the best fly in fishing Ontario has to offer!

What to Bring on your Ontario Fly In Fishing Trip

Turbine Otter Departure


Clothes will depend on the time of the year you scheduled your trip, how long you will be gone, also plan on dressing in layers and try not to bring big bulk coats and clothes you really don't need. Bring clothes like zipper pants that can be worn as shorts, clothes that can be easily hand washed and worn again and leave your traveling clothes back at the base.

Turbine Otter Departure


Safety/required equipment should include a life-jacket, rain-gear, bug dope, two way radio, water filters or pump, and a first aid kit.
Turbine Otter Departure

Fishing Equipment

Most people bring way too much fishing equipment!

  • Rod case
  • 2-3 reels (short)
  • Depth Finder/batteries
  • Fillet knife/sharpener
  • extra spool of line
  • Pliers/hook remover
  • soft tackle box
  • 2-3 breakdown rods
Turbine Otter Departure


  • Crank baits
  • jig heads (blaze orange, chartreuse and white)
  • Lindy or spinner rigs
  • Slip bobbers
  • Ties
  • Leaders
  • Swivels
  • Split shot
  • Stinger
  • Hooks
  • Spoons

Food, Beverages, and How to Pack

  • Take only what you need for your party — Try to avoid glass containers and cans, transfer to plastic when possible
  • Eliminate oversized bags and boxes
  • Avoid heavy beverages like cases of pop, bring mix drinks, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Have frozen meats individually packaged in freezer paper and packed in a small cooler
  • Eggs should be put in protected containers
  • Loaves of bread should be put in a hard container or cooler
  • Vegetables and potatoes should be either frozen or freeze dried
  • You will probably eat some meals or fish, but bring some emergency freeze dried or boxed meals just in case.
  • Foods like pasta or wild rice take much less room and weigh much less than potatoes
  • Dish towels, dish soap, wash cloths, bath towel, pillow case, soap, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and lighters or matches

Note: You may be drinking and using lake water for cooking, so make sure you either boil it first, or use a filter or filter pump and bring a collapsilble water bag if you are at an outpost cabin.

The Flight In

The Thunderhook Fly-Ins base is located in Armstrong Station, Ontario which is 150 miles by road north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. We offer only the best certified air craft carriers for your flight into your fishing camp

Photo Gallery

View our past customers and fishing trips in our Trip Photo Gallery. It's constantly getting updated with new fishing clients, so be sure to check back.




Live Bait?

We recommend that all of our visitors use live bait during their fishing trip. Studies have been done that show live bait outperforms other forms of bait on a consistent basis. Live bait will cost just a little more, but it will mostly likely enhance your fishing experience.


      • 4 days / 3nights - $1150-$1250 per person depending on outpost
      • 8 days / 7 nights - $1150-$1395 per person depending on outpost
      • Click on the individual outposts for exact rates

Thunderhook Outposts

Fishing is only half of the deal, our clients want a warm, well-equipped, and clean lodge to spend most of their days. We believe we offer some of the highest quality fishing lodges in all of Canada. Though access to our cabins is fly in only, we still keep these outpost cabins in great shape. Choose one of our smaller outposts for a small fishing getaway, or a large one for a family-styled bunking outfit. Either way, our top-tier outpost cabins let you get the most out of your trip.

We're proud to offer eight unique fly-in fishing outposts to fit small or large groups. All of our outpost cabins are set up for the Ultimate Canadian Fishing Experience. Click on each individual outpost details.

Almost bay fishing outpost Ontario

Almos Bay Outpost

  • Coordinates: N50 37 49 W89 31 40
  • Fish: Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Air Miles: 25
Almos Bay Ontario Fly-in Fishing
Funger lake fishing outpost Ontario

Funger Lake Outpost

  • Coordinates: N50 34 59 W89 13 16
  • Fish: Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Air Miles: 25
Funger Lake Ontario Fly-in Fishing
 Moonshine Lake Ontario fishing outpost

Moonshine Lake Outpost

  • Coordinates:N50 30 00 W88 50 00
  • Fish: Walleye, Northern
  • Sleeps:10
  • Air Miles:20
Moonshine Lake Ontario Fly-in Fishing
Shab south outpost ontario fishing cabin

Shab South Outpost

  • Coordinates: N51 12 57 W88 57 05
  • Fish: Walleye, Northern, Brook Trout
  • Sleeps: 10
  • Air Miles: 75
Shab South Ontario Fly-in Fishing
Shab Island upper outpost

Shab Island (Upper) Outpost

  • Coordinates: N51 12 57 W88 57 05
  • Fish: Walleye, Northern, Brook Trout
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Air Miles: 75
Upper Shab Island Ontario Fly-in Fishing
Shab Island lower outpost

Shab Island (Lower) Outpost

Coordinates: N51 12 57 W88 57 05. Fish: Walleye, Northern, Brook Trout. Sleeps: 6. Air Miles: 75.

Lower Shab Island Ontario Fly-in Fishing


Located in the Wakabimi Provincial Park, Thunderhook Fly-Ins takes pride in providing guests in Ontario fly in fishing trips at great price and value. Amateurs - and even experienced anglers - will enjoy the experience of fly-in fishing Ontario with the region's huge populations of walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and brook trout.

Contact us today by sending us a message, or call 807-583-2106 to learn more about our services.


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