Ontario Fishing Trips

Ontario Fishing Trips

If you're looking for adventure, we have it! Fly-in fishing in the heart of Ontario's Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. These pristine waters are teeming with walleye, northern pike, and lake trout just waiting for you to drop a line in the water. We offer two types of fishing trips: remote outpost fly in fishing trips and fly in fishing lodge fishing trips. Either way, you're sure to create life long memories with family and friends.

Ontario Fishing Trips - What Should I Expect?

Ontario Fishing Trips - What Should I Expect?

When planning your remote wilderness fly-in vacation at Thunderhook, we don’t like to overlook the small things that could potentially make your trip less successful. Highlighted below are some links and tips for just about any question one can have regarding an Ontario Fishing Vacation. Also, we have a page completely dedicated to planning your trip. This includes directions to the airbase, outline of bunkhouse facilities, and all that we offer at our base in Armstrong Station, Ontario, Canada.

The weather in Northwestern Ontario can be highly unpredictable at all times of the year. Most of the time it is not, but one must always be prepared for the elements to ensue a successful and hassle-free fly-in fishing trip. The best time to come on a trip with us is in the months of July and August. Although many of our fishermen prefer May and June for the easier fishing, the weather is simply more predictable later in the season.

Fishing in Northwestern Ontario is many an angler’s dream. The abundant amount of peace, solitude, nature, and fish make it the perfect vacation destination for those truly looking to get away from it all. Anglers fishing in Northwestern Ontario are primarily targeting four primary species. These species are walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and brook trout. Although smallmouth bass and muskies are available in the far southern portions of the province, it is much more likely to tie in to one of these primary species when on a fishing trip in Ontario.

If you haven't been on an Ontario fishing trip before there is no need to feel intimidated. After all, isn't trying something new part of the fun? Below are some links that should help all anglers learn more about the primary species of fish that Thunderhook Fly-Ins offers for their anglers.

Walleye Fishing

Northern Pike Fishing

Trout Fishing

Ontario Fishing Q & A

Q: What are my options for a quality Canadian fly-in fishing trip?

A: There are two primary options for anglers who do not want to completely “rough it” while fishing in the Ontario Wilderness. The first choice is a fly-in fishing lodge similar to Thunderhook's Smoothrock Camp. Smoothrock is a housekeeping lodge with all of the amenities and services of an American plan fishing lodge. Anglers looking for a more remote setting can choose one of our remote fly-in outpost camps. The outpost camps are completely secluded and private. Many anglers favorite choice is an outpost camp.

Q: What if I have never been on a fly-in fishing trip to Canada?

A: This is not a problem. Thunderhook can plan your entire fishing vacation for you at no extra charge. After all, you are going on vacation! We provide you with everything from customized trip itineraries to friendly personalized service. We want to make sure that this is your best fishing trip… whether it be you’re first or last!

Q: Is it safe to fly in a seaplane?

A: Thunderhook Fly-Ins uses the air-charter services of West Caribou Air Ltd. West Caribou Air is our exclusive air carrier and coincidentally our partner. This seaplane company has been in business for decades and provides fantastic service and also has an impeccable safety record. Our top priority is to keep our guests safe… we want you to come back!

Q: How many fish can I expect to catch on a fly-in fishing trip?

A: The fishing throughout the area in which we serve in the Wabakimi Provincial Park is absolutely phenomenal. Anglers at times can catch upwards of 100-150 fish per day per person. It is not uncommon for groups of 4 to catch 800-1200 walleyes during a 4-day fishing trip. However, there are times when the fishing is not as productive. If you are a novice on a fishing trip we recommend that you try using our guide service. Also bear in mind that prior to your trip you will receive a map marked with the most productive fishing spots clearly marked. It is also good practice to converse with the group preceding you in regard to where the most productive fishing spots were during their stay.

Q: What kind of amenities does Thunderhook offer?

A: Thunderhook offers something for all of our customers. We offer outpost camps that are state-of-the-art and fully modern as well as outpost camps that are fairly primitive. Our resort is fully modern with every possible comfort of home. We want your trip to be enjoyable and offer only the best in "Northern Hospitality"!

Q: What do your customers have to say?

A: Thunderhook has a repeat clientele in excess of 80 percent. Sometimes we even like to say that we don't advertise the best Ontario fishing anywhere... our customers do! If you would like to read what our customers are saying please read our fly-in fishing testimonials.

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