Ontario Fishing Trips

Just a short journey from the Minnesota border you can find remote fishing areas that are home to many trophy species. Fishing in Northwestern Ontario is many an angler’s dream. The abundant amount of peace, solitude, nature, and fish make it the perfect vacation destination for those truly looking to get away from it all. Anglers fishing in Northwestern Ontario are primarily targeting Walleye and Northern Pike, with a chance of the occasional Lake Trout or Brook Trout in select lakes.

If you haven’t been on an Ontario fishing trip before, adventure awaits! Below are some links that should help guests learn more about the primary species of fish that Thunderhook Fly-Ins offers for their anglers.

Catch and Release for the future!


Your Ontario Fishing Trip

When planning your remote wilderness fly-in vacation at Thunderhook, we don’t like to overlook the small things that could potentially make your trip less successful. Highlighted below are some frequently asked questions for just about any question one can have regarding an Ontario Fishing Vacation. We have a page completely dedicated to planning your trip.

What are my options for a quality Canadian fly-in fishing trip?

There are three primary options for guests who do not want to completely “rough it” while fishing in the Ontario Wilderness. The first option is our fly-in fishing lodge, Smoothrock Resort. Smoothrock is a housekeeping lodge with all of the conveniences and services of an American plan fishing lodge. Those looking for a more remote setting can choose from one of our fly-in outpost camps as a second option. The outpost camps are completely secluded and private. The third option to consider is our Whitewater Retreat, which acts as a balanced option between a fishing lodge or an outpost. Whitewater offers a housekeeping plan with a few amenities and guests still experience being in the wilderness, basking in all the wonders it has to offer.

Never been on a fly-in fishing trip to Canada?

This is not a problem. We provide you with all the information you may need here on our plan a trip page. We want to make sure that this is your best fishing trip… whether it be your first or 15th!

Is it safe to fly in a seaplane?

Thunderhook Fly-Ins uses the air-charter services of NDK Air Ltd. NDK Air Ltd is our exclusive air carrier and coincidentally our partner. This seaplane company provides fantastic service and also has an impeccable safety record. Our top priority is to keep our guests safe.

What kind of amenities does Thunderhook offer?

Thunderhook offers something for all of our customers. We offer outpost camps that are an equal mix of contemporary and folksy as well as outpost camps that are fairly primitive. Our resort is fully modern with every possible comfort of home, while our retreat houses a few attributes to comfort infused with a strong essence of the outdoors. We want your trip to be enjoyable and offer only the best in “Northern Hospitality”!

What do your customers have to say?

Thunderhook has a repeat clientele in excess of 80 percent. Sometimes we even like to say that we don’t advertise the best Ontario fishing anywhere… our customers do! If you would like to read what our customers are saying please read our fly-in fishing testimonials.