Ontario Fly-In Fishing

Ontario Fly-In Fishing

Welcome to Thunderhook Fly-Ins, your gateway to the Wabakimi Provincial Park and great Ontario Fly-In Fishing. Here at Thunderhook our goal remains simple; to provide our customers with the best possible wilderness fly-in fishing experience. Having been in business for decades, Thunderhook has become the standard for your Ontario Fishing vacation.

A great Ontario fly-in fishing trip begins with a good foundation. We provide everything you need to have a great fly-in fishing trip, whether it be with our instructional videos that outline packing and trip preparation, or the personalized friendly service of our experienced staff, Thunderhook truly offers the best fly in fishing Ontario has to offer!

We have two different opportunities......

Thunderhook Fly-in Fishing

Fishing is only half of the deal, our clients want a warm, well-equipped, and clean lodge to spend most of their days. We believe we offer some of the highest quality fishing lodges in all of Canada. Though access to our cabins is fly in only, we still keep these outpost cabins in great shape. Choose one of our smaller outposts for a small fishing getaway, or a large one for a family-styled bunking outfit. Either way, our top-tier outpost cabins let you get the most out of your trip.

We pride ourselves in providing quality fly-in fishing at a great price and value. Thunderhook Outposts are located in the heart of Ontario's Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. The Wabakimi, at an astounding 2.5 million acres, is host to some of the most coveted walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and brook trout angling in the world.

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Smoothrock Fishing Lodge

Smoothrock Camp, the Wabakimi's finest fly-in lodge provides anglers with world class fishing, amazing scenery, and wildlife viewing. Smoothrock is the perfect place to experience remote wilderness fishing with family and friends. Visit Smoothrock Camp; we promise you won't be disappointed.

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