Ontario Moose Hunting

Hunt one of the world’s most majestic trophies in the heart of Ontario’s Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park. Yes, we’re talking about the massive Canadian Moose. These giants can stand 7-feet tall, reach 1,500 pounds, and have an antler spread that breaks the 60-inch mark.

Thunderhook moose hunts take you deep in the Wabakimi wilderness where you’ll have virtually exclusive access to over 3-million acres of prime moose hunting country. From our float plane base, you’ll fly to your outpost camp where you’ll begin your hunt.

Moose Hunts Include:

  • Round-trip flight from the float plane base to the moose hunting area
  • Outpost cabin accommodations during your moose hunts
  • Use of our boats (includes fuel)
  • Transportation of your trophy from the moose hunting area to our float plane base
  • Storage of your trophy in our cooler at the float plane base for the duration of your stay
  • World class fly-in fishing