A Thunderhook Sample Tackle Box

  • Leadhead jigs in assorted colors from ¼ to ½ ounce in size
  • Assorted shad raps or diving crankbaits
  • Spoons/daredevils
  • A handful of 1 ounce jigs with large twister tails for Lake Trout Stringer
  • Wire Leaders
  • Fillet Knife(s)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Band Aids and assorted first aid equipment
  • Bug spray

As previously mentioned, the easiest way to catch Walleye is with a jig-head tipped with a minnow, leech, worm, or soft plastic twister tail. You can also troll crankbaits that work at different depths depending on where the fish are. Northern Pike are most easily caught on spoons or buck-tails. Most of the time, Pike are found along weedy flats along the lakeshore or in shallow marshy bays. Lake Trout generally require a bit heavier jig due to the depth that these fish reside in. Please bear in mind that Lake Trout fishing is not easy and takes extreme patience at times. The best way to go about fishing is to get a good firsthand knowledge of the fishery you will be visiting prior to arrival at your camp.

Do we need live bait?

We highly recommend that all anglers use live bait. Although there are some good alternatives to live bait our fishing studies have shown that live bait consistently outperforms other forms. For a few extra dollars your group can bring live bait and most likely will experience better fishing, especially on a slower day.


The minnows come packed in oxygen bags for the flight. At the lake, on your arrival, put the bags of minnows into the minnow buckets (which we provide) and put them into the lake. Minnows will survive if water temperatures are relatively cool. Some of them will die naturally of shock, this is normal of them especially later in the summer when temperatures are considerably warmer.

Note: You CANNOT bring minnows with you across the border, this includes frozen salted minnows. You will be denied entry to Canada.


Leeches are another great choice for the Walleye and Northern Pike fisherman. Typically used on a jighead or spinner rig this is a great mid to late summer tactic for fishermen. Leeches are normally a little “tougher” than minnows and are a bit easier to keep alive. If you keep the leeches in fresh water and in a cool spot they will be just fine. Typically the leeches will come packed in an oxygenated bag which in itself can keep the leeches alive for a long time. The key to keeping leeches is not to let them dry out in the hot summer sun.

Do not put your leeches in a traditional minnow bucket (they will slip out the sides. Instead, bring a leechlocker or coffee can which is a great way to keep leeches alive.


Nightcrawlers are sold by the flat (500) and half-flat (250). The nightcrawlers come pre-package in commercial bedding and in a highly durable foam container for transportation.

Nightcrawlers are consistently the very easiest to keep alive during your fishing trip. With a small amount of attention crawlers are great and they add an extra type of live bait available to you for use. Oftentimes nightcrawlers work very well during the late evening while jigging for Walleye.